Friends Reunited

We slipped into September without writing a blog a post at all during August. Suffice to say, it was pretty busy here at Rue Vincent with lots of families visiting to enjoy the summer sun, the pool and the games barn. Jazz, our self-appointed four-legged front of house, has welcomed, entertained and played with them all over the course of the season. A game of chase here, a cricket match there and plenty of well-earned treats. She has loved every minute!

Jazz, the front of house collie and friends!

Jazz, the front of house collie and friends!

Amongst all the fun and games, the highlight of her summer has undoubtedly been the return of her best pal, a little rescue Spaniel who has once again made the long trek from Scotland with his human Mum and Dad to our little patch of the Charente-Maritime. 16 months on from his first visit at less than a year old, they would be forgiven for not remembering each other but we needn’t have worried - this reunion was all stereo tail-wagging and obvious affection from the moment they were reunited.

Welcome back Shearer - you’re an absolute delight!