Stepping Back to the Middle Ages at Crazannes

Here in Charente-Maritime we are blessed with a landscape traversed by tranquil waterways and dotted with a number of stunning Renaissance châteaux.  Nestled close to the banks of the river Charente, Le Château de Crazannes is a beautiful example and well worth a visit. Every August it plays host to a weekend festival celebrating the life, customs and pastimes of the Middle Ages. The pop-up medieval village of colourful tents, complete with blacksmiths, spinners, weavers, musicians and all manner of artisans delighted large numbers of locals and holidaymakers alike last weekend.

Basking under cloudless skies, armoured knights with swords, shields and helmets fought bravely as they played to an enthusiastic and partisan crowd. Thrilled by the combat, surprised at the sheer volume of medieval gunfire and amused by the antics of the teams playing an early form of hockey; it was a great afternoon out. Another one for the calendar next year!

Le Château de Crazannes is one of a number of beautiful Charentais castles within easy reach of Rue Vincent. For more information and other wonderful places to visit during your stay, take a look at our Out and About pages.

Bonnes vacances!