Collies, Kites and Compostela

We are almost at the end of April and it has been a very busy couple of months here at Rue Vincent. The clocks have leapt forward, the hoopoes have arrived in the gardens and the sun is bathing us with its warm rays once again. This peaceful corner of Charente-Maritime is awakening, shaking off its winter wraps and the signs of a new holiday year are all around us.


Indie, our Border Collie, had a fabulous summer last year and is looking forward to more fun and games in the coming season with a new group of guests. She is joined by our newest addition, Jazz - a four month-old Border Collie from the SPA rescue centre in Carcassonne. Cute, clever and eager to learn the ropes from her mentor, she is raring to go and can't wait to meet you!

Bienvenue from Indie and Jazz



With us since mid-March, Jazz's first major outing was to the annual kite festival at Châtelaillon-Plage on Easter weekend. Our local beach was packed with holiday-makers and regulars alike, all enjoying the sea air and the myriad of fabulous kites on display. A glorious crescent of gently sloping golden sand, fringed by a wide promenade, restaurants, a casino and some beautiful Belle Époque villas, it is a huge draw for visitors to the area and a great place for a paddle, a swim or a picnic when you stay here with us.



Further testament to the changing of the season is the now steady stream of hikers passing by Le Vincent since Easter. The Grand Chemin from Paris, through Tours, Saintes and Bordeaux to Santiago de Compostela passes directly behind Le Vincent, winding its way through the beautiful countryside and picturesque villages between Aulnay de Saintonge and the abbey in St Jean d'Angély.


A cultural pilgrimage as much a a spiritual one these days, you too can follow the trail using the distinctive Coquille way-markers to unearth the hidden secrets of the local area. Further information and maps of the route can be found on the Charente-Maritime Tourist Board website

Whenever you choose to visit us, you are assured of a warm welcome and plenty to see and do. Check out our availability and book your stay with us today.

Bonnes vacances!