Le Printemps Arrive!

Basking in glorious sunshine, the gardens here at Rue Vincent are awash today with the welcome sights and sounds of spring.


Colourful crocuses which, until now peeped shyly from beneath the lavender bushes, are unfurling their petals, gazing upwards and drinking in the warming rays. Lunching (rather late) al fresco, the rhythmic hum of bees and insects, overlaid with birdsong, is punctuated by the throaty rumbles of lawnmowers and rotovators, dusted off and pressed into service for the first time this year.

Supermarket aisles, cleared of all things chasse,  groan under the weight of fishing rods, strawberry plants, patio furniture and packets of seeds: all promising summer. I can't wait to plant these beauties and watch them burst into life!

There is something deeply satisfying about clearing, turning and raking the soil, not to mention the scent of newly-mown grass.

After such a productive afternoon, I think perhaps we should usher in the weekend with a glass of Pineau . Santé!


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